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(Re)allying with the non-human world

stepping out of domineering relationship with Nature

Being in close, intimate contact with the living network consisting of people, animals, plants, microbial world, air, soil water… IS what gives us an immediate and direct information about the state and the limits of this network. Only when we are not in contact with it can we live in such destructive, unsustainable manner that characterizes our contemporary lives. However, when we are discussing new approaches to our societal and environmental crisis one voice is usually missing, it is being ignored, not represented or under-represented: the voice of the non-human world.
How can we tell the whole story if only one species is represented? How can we make right changes and find good solutions if we are not perceiving a huge part of the reality, if we are not considering it at all? How can we attempt to mend and heal our society and environment if we are taking into consideration only one species, one element of the system? How can we learn to step out of our anthropocentrism, our speciesism and relate to the living network of life without the ever-present domineering approach? What new alliences with the non-human world can be put together and what new tranformative imaginations will they bring?

This presentation will be based on both theoretical approaches problematizing our ever-present uncoscious specistic attitude to solving the predicament we are in as well as practical examples based on the activitites of the Wild Belgrade initiative (dedicated to deepening our understanding of the urban ecosystems).


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 10:45
Duration: 00:30
Room: ZV-KC-Cres
Type: Non-academic Session
Theme: Resilience building through degrowth



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