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Degrowth-oriented organisational value creation

A systematic literature review of case studies

The profound socio-economic transformations implied by degrowth concern the way organisations create value. However, there are conceptual gaps regarding the forms and meanings of organisational value creation that are aligned with degrowth. Against this background, an integrative and systematic literature review of case studies of degrowth-oriented, respectively post-growth-oriented, organisations has been conducted. The identifed literature has been analysed using the new concept of ‘organisational value creation patterns’. Based on this concept, value is created for (and with) stakeholders when problems are solved through organisational activities. The result is a compilation of thirty-nine degrowth-oriented patterns of organisational value creation, structured into seven thematic groups. From these, seven theoretical propositions on what it means to engage in degrowthoriented organisational value creation were derived. Finally, it is discussed how these fndings can inspire organisational transformation and future theory development.

[This is a presentation of an article that has been published in Ecological Economics earlier this year.]


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 12:15
Duration: 00:15
Room: ZV-8-9
Type: Paper Presentation
Theme: Alternative economies


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