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The Spatiality of Degrowth

A co-creative workshop on Policies, Strategies and Instruments in / by / for Cities and Regions

Full co-author list: Silvio Cristiano, Anton Brokow-Loga, Karl, Jana Gebauer, Luciana Maia, Sarah Ware
Degrowth is a crucial vision and project in a century rapidly evolving towards the self-destruction of human livelihoods. Imagining how degrowth can be played out in space and place (understood as a relational sphere of diversity, as Doreen Massey put it), plays a crucial role in a transformation beyond growth. Therefore, this session links the degrowth debate to space, place and scale, zooming in on the levels of the local and regional. Blending paper presentations and workshop discussions, we will go on a search for the new narratives, alliances, frameworks and institutions needed to re-design our localities and the life within, drawing inspiration from examples such as transition towns, cittaslow, solidarity cities, or doughnut cities. We welcome, for a first part of paper presentations, conceptual, theoretical, and empirical contributions which discuss normative frameworks, alliances, success factors, and inspiring stories of how cities or villages in the global north can be transformed to guarantee a good life for all, becoming solidary degrowth places. Contributions may take ‘spatial’ perspectives on the challenges of degrowth also across the scales of the global and the local and should reflect on their geographical (and cultural and economic) positioning. In a second part, which is organized as an interactive and practice-oriented workshop, organizers, presenters and participants alike will join up as a co-creative peer group to develop utopian imaginaries as well as concrete practical tools for localised degrowth. With this, the workshop also aims at strengthening the network and further building the community of urban and rural degrowth scholars and activists.


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:30
Room: ZV-8-7
Type: Special Session
Theme: Resilience building through degrowth


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