Version 3.2

Degrowth meets Feminist Political Ecology: Towards a care-full and pluridiverse intersectional degrowth transformation

Part I

In this two-parted session, affiliates of the Feminism and Degrowth Alliance (FaDA) put Degrowth and Feminst Political Ecology (FPE) into dialogue. We aim to explore what a degrowth transformation might entail from intersectional, pluridiverse and placed/situated perspectives (Haraway, 1988; Kothari et al., 2019). The sessions will be centred around the guiding question “what would it mean to make degrowth truly care-full and to put social reproduction at the heart of socio-ecological transformations?”

In the first part, we dive into Commoning stories of the reproductive caring economy from various geographies. In the second part, we explore the Co-weaving of theories and praxis for an intersectional degrowth transformation.

We propose the following questions to steer the explorative sessions’ discussion:
What can we learn from the ‘caring commoning’ citizens’ movement, and movements from the South who are prefiguring, feminising and decolonising the path to change within, against and beyond the confines of the growth-oriented system (Motta, 2021)?
What kinds of insurgencies of care, ecologies of intimacy and socio-ecological transformations might we need to re-member and co-weave (Simpson, 2017)?
To what extent is this also a cosmopolitical and epistemological pluridiverse task and praxis (Lugones, 2010)?
How are emancipatory and critical lineages of pedagogical practices central to the how of these processes?
To what extent do the categories of social reproduction capture this politics of ecology and how would we develop categories of critique and being-knowing through engagement with Indigenous and communities of colour and extend beyond human and non-human kin?