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Degrowth, Crises and Snails

In my paper I will analyse the theatre play Krize (Crises), (2022, dir. Žiga Divjak), co-produced by Mladinsko Theatre, Maska Ljubljana, Bitef (Belgrade) and Domino Association (Zagreb), which is part of the project ACT - Art, Climate, Transition, a project connecting art and activism with ecology and just transition.
Crises is a hybrid and explicitly engaged work that can also be described as a theatre documentary-lecture-storytelling, flirting with the (post)apocalyptic genre. It is one of the few, if not the first (theatre) works in the region that can not only be linked to the idea of degrowth, but is a play about degrowth and degrowth its central focus. The text of the play, which focuses on the fundamental premises of the idea of degrowth, is based on the books Less is More by Jason Hickel and The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing.
The analysis will pay special attention to the central element of the play - speed or rush, shown, and this is crucial, as a running in place, with no one getting anywhere, with everyone completely exhausted, even disabled. It is a theatrical-choreographic representation of the central critique of degrowth - growth, which links Crises with one of the central symbols of degrowth - snails. Not unrelated to the Crises, I will thus finally address the question of what everything is the snail symbol of, what this means for degrowth, what it means for snails, and whether degrowth is, after all, also a degrowth for - snails.


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 10:45
Duration: 00:15
Room: ZV-8-3
Type: Paper Presentation
Theme: Artistic ecologies and eco-social practices


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