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Operationalizing the consumption corridor: how to jointly detect the limits of “enough”?

In the core of sustainability is the question of limits. Degrowth scholarship has made this evident and inspired discussions on what is enough and how to detect sustainable limits and guide our societies towards them in just way. In previous research participatory methods have been used to study what is considered necessary or luxury. Need-based workshops have shown promise in opening room for consideration. In addition, there are surveys and interviews on people’s views on policies linked to degrowth. One striking finding is that while many policies get support from the participants, smaller proportion thinks that also others support them and thus may not see them as feasible. This inclines to try more participatory methods to promote degrowth. However, there is a lack of workshop designs where both the appropriate limits and policy options are discussed while considering the planetary boundaries. In this presentation, I suggest a workshop design that draws from previous research on participatory methods and utilizes consumption corridors (CC) concept. CC sets frame for good life within floor/minima based on needs and ceiling/maxima set at a level that does not compromise other’s possibilities to reach the floor (for instance, by overshooting planetary boundaries or exhausting other’s time). I suggest operationalization of CC in which I draw together different theories of human needs and pair it with policies suggested in degrowth literature. The presentation is based on ongoing dissertation work in which I will study empirically what are the maximum and minimum limits for sustainable CC in Finland.


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 12:00
Duration: 00:15
Room: ZV-8-4
Type: Paper Presentation
Theme: Hegemonic worldviews and degrowth horizon


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