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Presentation of the Re-Geppetto repair caffe in Pula

On behalf of Green Istria, we propose a short, 20-30 minutes presentation (with PPT) of the Re-Geppetto, the first repair café started and managed by a CSO in Croatia.

Repair caffe and workshop Re-Geppetto is a is a well equipped space where citizens can repair objects and devices for free on a do-it-yourself principle. The purpose of the workshop is to provide all interested citizens with the space, tools and advice they need in order to repair small household appliances, items, furniture, clothes and toys on their own or with the help of volunteers and the workshop manager.
The action "Repair Cafe Re-Geppetto  - circular communities and art" carried out by Green Istria received the award for the most outstanding action during 13th edition of the European Waste Reduction Week (EWWR).

The action involved redisigning old textile workshop with locally famous zero waste fashion designer Ivana Tomić, as well as a workshop of creating jewellery from scrap materials with Mirna Sišul, a freelance artist with a degree in the Academy of Applied Arts, whose works can be found in many public and private collections around the world.

Within the action young artists from Pula, Mateo Žufić and Katarina Memedović finalised and participated at the opening of their mural depicting a huge wale from the story of Pinocchio and created in a painting technique with the addition of three dimensional upcycled pieces. The story behind the mural iillustrates the origins of the name of the repair café, which was named after Geppetto, father of the famous fictional character Pinocchio, who was also a carpenter.

Additionally, a debate about how artist can use their work as a platform to raise awareness and imagine a more sustainable future was broadcasted on Community Radio Rojc.

Re-Geppetto is located within the Community Center Rojc, a particular “place of civil society,” an alternative urban culture center which hosts 111 associations with very different activities: culture and art, sport and recreation, children and youth, ethnic minorities and psycho-social work. Rojc itself is an incubator of many projects and activities with aim of sustainable development from urban gardening, reuse flea markets, diy up cycling workshops to promoting sharing communities. Green Istria is part of Rojc Alliance and caring about the common good of the associations within the center.

The presentation would contribute to the conference by showcasing a good practice example of the Pula repair cafe, with special focus on how art can be a beacon of hope, lighting the way and compelling us to act towards a more sustainable future.


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 10:00
Duration: 00:30
Room: ZV-8-8
Type: Non-academic Session
Theme: Artistic ecologies and eco-social practices


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