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Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide

Book presentation, feedbacks, updates and perspectives

In August 2020, we launched our jointly authored book Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide (Pluto Press). ‘The book you hold in your hands’ states Jason Hickel of the University of London and author of Less is More 2020, ‘paints a picture of the new economy that lies ahead — an economy that enables human flourishing for all within planetary boundaries.’ Discussion about degrowth has exploded since then when a cluster of general interest books on degrowth appeared in 2020.

The book was supposed to be launched and presented at the Manchester Degrowth Conference. But Covid happened... And since then, other books have been published, debates on degrowth have been opened in mainstream medias, in politics.

"A sense of urgency pervades global environmentalism, and the degrowth movement is bursting into the mainstream. As climate catastrophe looms closer, people are eager to learn what degrowth is about, and whether we can save the planet by changing how we live. This book is an introduction to the movement.
As politicians and corporations obsess over growth objectives, the degrowth movement demands that we must slow down the economy by transforming our economies, our politics and our cultures to live within the Earth's limits.

This book navigates the practice and strategies of the movement, looking at its strengths and weaknesses. Covering horizontal democracy, local economies and the reduction of work, it shows us why degrowth is a compelling and realistic project."

Exploring Degrowth is still going on... feedbacks, updates and perspectives with Anitra Nelson and Vincent Liegey, co-authors of Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide (Pluto Press, 2020)... and other books.

Presentation followed by a conversation with the public.


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: ZV-KC-Cres
Type: Non-academic Session
Theme: Degrowth as a political project?


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