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Cities in the post-growth era: Theory and Practice, pt. I

Pt I: City of Zagreb representative (TBC), Eric Piolle (Mayor of City of Grenoble / online), Lucia di Paola (ICLEI), Imogen Hamilton-Jones (LSE Cities), Ana Méndez de Andés (University of Sheffield), Chloe Pottinger-Glass (Stockholm Environment Institute), Elisabeth Richardson (University of Manchester). ; Pt II: Ada Amon (Climate Advisor to the Mayor of Budapest), Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network), Dirk Holemans (GEF/OIKOS), Cléo Mieulet (Transformation House); Moderated by: Branko Ančić (Institute for Social Research Zagreb) & Vedran Horvat (Institute for Political Ecology)

In the post-growth debates, there is a growing number of arguments around what degrowth a state can provide. While the issue of scale sometimes is discouraging for larger states to consider post-growth as an alternative, the same cannot be applied to cities which are in principle closer to principles of conviviality, self-provisioning or decentralisation. At the same time, most recently we were able to observe that cities were much faster in declaring climate emergency, engaging in various re-municipalisation measures, local deliberations etc. In this debate, we want to explore if cities already do develop post-growth scenarios for their future and how they translate these ideas into policies and actions at the local level. We will focus both on transformative practices but also on opportunities through which cities can untie themselves from the obsessive growth-orientation that supposedly defines their financial planning and stability and accordingly public services they are expected to provide. Also, as long as cities stay the playground of hyperconsumption, any other transformative policies will hardly be sufficient for a real overall needed transformation.


Day: 2023-08-31
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: ZV-KC-2
Type: Non-academic Session
Theme: Panel


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