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Post-growth Pluriverse(s) in Policy Spehere(s): European Green Deal and Beyond

Introductory talk: Philippe Lamberts (MEP, Green group in the EP), Speakers: Giovanni Allegretti (University of Coimbra), Manon Aubry (MEP, Left in the EP / online), Sandra Benčić (Croatian MP, Možemo!), Mario Munta (European University Institute), Philip Pochet (ETUI), Julia Steinberger (University of Lausanne), Milan F. Živković (SDP). Moderated by: Vedran Horvat (IPE)

During this high-level panel the intention is to provide a critical and post-growth friendly 'reading' of the European Green Deal. European Green Deal is a complex and multi-layered program of the European Commission to implement a green transition across the EU. Yet, it faces great challenges. The most important one in this context is that it relies on the paradigm of green growth, which implies that new technologies and re-direction of financial flows will be sufficient to deliver a sustainable future for European citizens. It completely ignores the social dimension of the Green Deal and accordingly the need for a broad re-distribution. It is also a top-down policy-driven program which lacks a great deal of democratic legitimacy and support from deliberative processes. In the world of a poly-crisis, we will aim to explore to which extent various post-growth debates can reach and make an impact on policy-making spheres both at the European and national levels. One of the main focuses of our conversation will be how European Green Deal can -or can not - ensure just climate transition.


Day: 2023-09-01
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 01:30
Room: ZV-KC-Cres
Type: Non-academic Session
Theme: Panel


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