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Meet and join the Degrowth Movement

Introducing the Degrowth movement, its restructuring and its international working groups

The open collective ODN (Organising the Degrowth Network) is inviting to this session all degrowthers and new-comers curious to know more about the Degrowth Assemblies, the functioning of the Degrowth network and its international working groups, and the democratic re-structuring the network is going through. This session will also feature members of the international working groups, such as the Support Group, the Activist Group, the Mapping Group, the Research Group and The session will also offer an open space for conference participants to network with members of the nodes and join projects and activities. It will hence offer both a reflection on the history of the movement, and a place to plan future action.

After a brief review of the history of the Degrowth concept and network, each international working group will be introduced. The outcomes of the 4th Degrowth Movement Assembly preceding the conference will be presented to participants. Afterwards, there will be an open space for networking and sharing ideas with members of the international working groups present. Conference participants will gain improved understanding of the wider organisation of the Degrowth Network and they will have the opportunity to join international working groups. Members of the international working groups will also be able to use that space and time to connect and coordinate their actions with other nodes of the network. This session will thus contribute to bridging the communication gap in the Degrowth Network.


Day: 2023-09-01
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:30
Room: ZV-KC-Cres
Type: Non-academic Session
Theme: Contemporary emancipatory internationalism


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